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The hypervision or physical security information management (PSIM) takes a bigger place today for many reasons.


First it is a concentrator of information linking security functions with external systems or information systems as:

  • Building or site management system,
  • Fire system,
  • Audio systems or platform,
  • Emergency system,
  • Geographical information (map, localization and GPS data),
  • Control & command of processes,
  • Etc.


Hypervision is the top brick of the security solution: it is a way of unifying several sites with multiple security solutions. It can assist operators through an automatic decision process based on incoming information (automatic action plan).

It is very important that the function specifications, performance and user interface requirements are met. For these reasons we have selected hypervision so as to be able to propose and guarantee constant security for our customers!


Border detection

Through long-range thermal cameras with video, radar or sonar analytic systems (or a mix of these technologies), we will provide a global border detection solution that will offer the highest detection performance levels (up to 30 kilometres).


With detection on ground, upon and under the water and in the air, the proposed solutions can guarantee the surveillance of kilometres of borders.



Perimeter detection

ITS Security proposes a large panel of perimeter intruder detection systems (PIDS) to adjust the level of security to each site's particularities:

  • Intelligent video analytic system (IVAS)
  • Microwave intruder detection system (MIDS)
  • Infrared detection system (motion detectors, barriers)
  • Electrical detector fences (high or low voltage) 
  • Laser or radar detection systems.


With this large panel, ITS Security will design your PIDS to perform a high level of detection with the lowest false alarm rate.


Unmanned drone surveillance

With a large panel of selected unmanned drones, ITS Security will propose and integrate into your security solution standalone surveillance.


ITS Security proposes four types of unmanned drones that are equipped with multiple sensors and intelligent video analytic systems to perform automatic surveillance:

  • On Ground: with the indoor and outdoor range
  • In air: with three types: static,  small or large area
  • On water: boat
  • Under water: submarine.


With the standalone surveillance and other innovative security technologies, ITS Security can propose a full, global security solution.



As an essential component of security solutions, telecommunication is one of our specialties. With a large panel of solutions (classic LAN, radio system, GSM/3G, satellite communications, etc.), we will provide a perfectly-adapted solution to perform the security system communication functions with a high level of encryption to guarantee data security.


From cameras (classic, PTZ, long rage with thermal sensor) to the video management system, your video solution will be designed to guarantee the best level of security while limiting your investment.

Our experience in video integration will make it easier to incorporate existing video systems into new security systems for our customers.


Access control

By implementing leading market products for  access control systems, ITS Security will be able to propose a fully integrated security solution. The access control system will manage sensitive access using several devices such as:

  • Door locks (magnetic or electromechanical)
  • Automatic barriers, gates or doors
  • Single access doors (double door, turnstile, fast track door)
  • Biometric authorization devices
  • Automatic number plate recognition systems (ANPR).


As a complement to the access control system, there are systems for performing individual and vehicle searches to make sure that visitors have no dangerous or hazardous products with them.


To have a global inspection solution, ITS Security can propose:

  • Metal gate detector
  • X-ray scanner for luggage, cars or trucks
  • Under vehicle inspection system (UVIS)
  • Manual detectors (metal, explosive).

Monitoring and videowall

Monitoring is one of our priorities, we will make sure that the solution is correctly and effectively integrated into the customer's procedures and habits.


The monitoring solution is customized for each customer and allows information to be easily managed and the security system to be controlled by means of several devices:

  • Workstations
  • Video screens and video walls
  • Information panels
  • Smartphones or PDA
  • Mobile stations.

Building protection

ITS Security is specialized in building and site protection with electronic and physical protection systems.


With its experience in military projects, ITS Security will comply with the required security standards for sensitive rooms and areas, using several devices:

  • Armoured doors and windows
  • Reinforced walls
  • Sensors (door contacts, motion detectors, glass breaking detectors, seismic detectors, etc.)  
  • Sensitive area management
  • Control and command centres, crisis rooms and panic rooms
  • Standalone shelters.

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